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All hands on deck for ABPCO's Titanic AGM


Titanic Belfast was the host venue for the opening dinner of ABPCO’s 2019 AGM, which saw key figures from the UK conference industry gathered to discuss the challenges and successes of the past year.

The AGM itself took place in the ICC Belfast the following afternoon, opening with a tour of the venue. The ICC rebranded from Belfast Waterfront in 2018 and, alongside the construction of the Titanic Belfast, is part of an extensive project to rejuvenate the city’s commercial appeal.




The opening keynote was delivered by David Meade, speaking on behalf of charity Extraordinary Impacts, which works to build and deliver simple prosthetic hands to amputees in less developed countries.

Meade highlighted the importance of a positive mindset, and how saying “yes, and…” instead of “no, because…” can help us achieve things we thought were outside our reach. He asked us to put this mindset to the test, tasking each of our tables with constructing one of his prosthetic hands from scratch.

Co-chairs Kate Sargent and Jo Powell then reviewed the year 2018/19, which has been a strong one for ABPCO. New member growth is up 10%, and the association’s new website was unveiled during the conference.